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Our Roasters 
Roasting means implementing the quality of your service

Gemma 2IND

The progenitor of the entire IND series, it represents the first milestone in electromagnetic induction roasting.

A coffee roaster with a maximum capacity of 2 kg, it roasts 200 g with high quality results, a

versatile machine suitable for various needs, from micro-production to roasting small samples for

laboratory testing, while guaranteeing high quality coffee roasting results.

gemma 2 ind (2) copia.jpg
Gemma 2ind copia.jpg

Gemma 6-8IND

Ideal for medium-sized production or specialised workshops, this

roaster combines efficiency and precision, meeting the needs of coffee professionals looking for

excellent results in every batch.

Gemma 26-30IND

It's Monday morning you are on your way to the roastery and

you already know that it will take about 1h before you can use your roaster, the solution?

Gemma 26-30IND, in about 8 minutes our roaster reaches the desired temperature and is ready to


The largest in the line (for the moment), suitable for medium to large production and commercial

coffee distribution.

gemma 8 ind copia.jpg

Gemma 60IND

in testing phase, soon new

Gemma 120IND

in testing phase, soon new

Technical equipment

Filtering device for smoke and smells treatment with industrial plasma system.


For Gemma 2 IND and 8 IND

- Easily-installable

- Complete smoke removal

- Complete odour removal

- Air reclassification from EHA4 to EHA2

- Economical to run 180W

- Cutting-edge industrial cold plasma technology

filtro 2 kg_edited.png
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