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Jamaica Blue Mountain

In the high Blue Mountains, nestled in eastern Jamaica, where the sunrise must filter through the early morning fog, lies Mavis Bank, a small rural town. This is the home of the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory (MBCF).

Located in the Blue Mountain range, specifically in the parish of St. Andrew, the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory is a testament to the resilience of one of Jamaica's main export products, renowned the world over: Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) Coffee.

 Established in 1923, the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory has grown to become Jamaica's largest producer of the much revered Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The Mavis Bank Coffee Factory processes over 1 million pounds of green beans from about 6000 farmers annually.

Although the factory has grown in size in recent years, it has remained true to its origins; every single bean is still treated with the same care and patience that has ensured the quality of its coffee for so many years. Major achievements over the last 100 years include the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certifications.

As part of the company's corporate social responsibility, in 2012 MBCF invested $100 million in waste management systems to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. The new technology turns waste into manure.

"Currently, the company buys from 6,000 coffee farmers who grow coffee in regions specified by law as Blue Mountain regions. These regions, which number between 80 and 90 districts, are located in three parishes - Portland, St. Thomas and St. Andrew - and what we do at Mavis Bank is, we have contractors who pick up the coffee after it has been selected and harvested by hand. The farms are within a 1-300 mile radius of the factory, and they are in very hilly areas,' explained Norman Grant (the CEO of Mavis Bank Coffee Factory and Former President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society).

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of our best single origin coffees.

This coffee from the Mavis Bank Estate has been recognised for its clean, delicate qualities and good body. The Mavis Bank Estate uses only spring water to select the coffee beans. When the coffee beans develop a greenish-blue colour, we know it is ready to be shipped to our roasters. This 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has a wonderfully spicy aroma and a light body with a well-balanced flavour. A typical soft and lush Caribbean profile, this coffee has less acidity than Kona but is more complex and has a spicier aftertaste. Soft woody flavours are evident with delicate floral characteristics complementing the delicate, sweet body. It is grown at high altitude on mineral-rich volcanic soils. These conditions, combined with the island's gentle sunshine and perfect cloud cover, allow the coffee beans to mature for a longer period of time than other coffee varieties. The distinctive rich flavour and floral aroma of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee that develops during this pristine, slow-growing season make Jamaica Blue Mountain one of the most sought-after direct-sourced coffees on earth.

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