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In 1947, after the war, Domenico Di Santo emigrates to Brazil, in San Paolo, to reunite with his sister and his brother-in-law. They are already involved in the fruits and coffee European market. He starts working with them and day after day he nourishes his passion for this raw material, rich and noble but also simple and pure. He does a lot of research and studies about the different coffee beans qualities and characteristics. 

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After intense years spent on studying the product and learning how to best use it Domenico comes back to Italy and transmits his passion to his son Mario. In his son realizes his dream and his father’s dream, by acquiring a little Roastery.

Research, study and constant comparison with experts, but especially experimentation: the mixtures created with different types of coffee have high quality standards in common. They come from all around the world. Kopy Luwak is the flagship coming from years of selection. The only world’s coffee selected in a natural way.



With strong roots related to the history and with a glimpse into the future, Sweet Coffee introduces itself in the market with the roasting machine GEMMA. The innovation meets the tradition and brings the open-plan roasting coffee experience in the bars, and guarantees efficiency and quality, with more coffee cups and happier clients .

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Over the years Sweet Coffee Italia together with an engineer built the GEMMA Roaster, allowing bars and cafes to roast coffee on sight, this allowed to save in economic terms and improve the quality of the coffee served. The result obtained in the premises participating in the project was a strong increase in cups sold, doubling the weekly consumption.

Professional picture of the team members with brief description of their role. The client should know the reference figures because it increases trust. It’s a demonstration of “putting your face”.

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