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The Sweet Coffee Italia Project began around 1947.

Domenico, father of the company’s administrator, emigrated to Brazil after the war, to the state of San Paolo, to look for work. Domenico’s sister had lived there for many years and together with her husband, she sold fruit and coffee all over Europe.

For several years, Domenico worked in the coffee industry and in their company, thus having the opportunity to know and be passionate about the various qualities of coffee. When he returned to Italy with all his stories, he intrigued his son so much that he encouraged him to buy a small roasting with an adjoining tasting, bringing him closer to the world of coffee.

With the advice of great experts began to toast and mix various types of coffee of great quality, which came from all over the world: Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Indonesia also discovering the Kopy Luwak, the only coffee in the world selected in a natural way.

From the experience the Sweet Coffee Italia project was born.
Over the years, Sweet Coffee Italia, together with an engineer, built the “GEMMA” Roaster, allowing the bars and cafes to toast the coffee in sight, this allowed to save in economic terms and “IMPROVE” the quality of the coffee served.

The result obtained in the premises participating in the project was a strong increase in cups sold, doubling the weekly consumption.

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