Roasting machine GEMMA


5 valid reasons to join the project

1) Have an identity as a small roaster

2) Serving to our customers excellent coffee

3) Save enormously on the raw material

4) Sell ground coffee or beans to your customers

5) Amortize all equipment for tax purposes

The Gemma roaster is available in various colors:

Limited Edition: Gold, Rust

The components of the Gemma Coffee Roaster

1) Loading system for raw coffee, edged stainless steel without edges directly connected to a manual bayonet opening device.

2) System of cyclonic effect of separation and collection of the films and expulsion of the roasting fumes.

3) The control panel manages all the roasting operations through a PLC, with the possibility of varying the times and temperatures up to a maximum of 10 different programs, allowing the roasting of different mixtures. It also controls the pre-cooling inside the drum, instead the final cooling takes place in the front basket. It is equipped with an emergency button that stops the heating elements and activates the cooling.

4) Ejection device in case of machine anomaly.

5) AISI stainless steel tank to collect roasted coffee with cooling system, AISI stainless steel protection band for roasting chamber entrance, and door with visual toasting indicator and closing counterweight.

Certified product UL and NSF

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