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The new frontier of coffee roasting

GEMMA induction 1

Coffee Star Induction srl was established through the partnership between Sweet Coffee Italia 
- a leading company in the construction of coffee roasters - and Ferrari & Carena  -
a world leading company in the fields of fine blanking and thermoinduction.

The real creators of the project were Mario Di Santo and Gregorio Milella.

Thanks to the know-how acquired on the design and realization of electromagnetic induction heating systems "COFFEE STAR INDUCTION srl" deals with the development and production of induction coffee roasting machines with the following production capacities
2 kg/ 8 kg/ 30 kg/ 60kg/ 120kg under the brand name Sweet Coffee Italia.
The GEMMA line of roasting machines can be used similarly to gas roasters, providing identical roasting results with more refined temperature control.

Electrically heated roasters are considered slow compared to gas-powered machines. In this context, "slow" means that the roasting curve does not rise fast enough after the "turning point."
This is because the temperature supplied to the electrically generated drum is too low, as a result, it is impossible to follow the roasting curve specified by the roaster to achieve consistent and uniform roasting repeatability from batch to batch, an essential fact when roasting coffee.
The study of this new system of roasting coffee was born to eliminate the limiting points of the solutions of the known gas technique.
Specifically, the result of the new study is to have realized an electromagnetic induction heating system that allowed for high specific power without the geometric limitations imposed by conventional electric heaters, applied to a roasting machine with a horizontal drum.

GEMMA  induction  2
GEMMA induction  3

At the heart of the recipe is the "target temperature curve of the beans" throughout the roasting time, which is why Sweet Coffee Italia has developed and designed a machine capable of achieving better results than a gas-powered machine by exploiting known physics.


The control and targeted exploitation of these phenomena by the system designed and manufactured by Sweet Coffee Italia, makes the roasting machines capable of cutting down energy consumption up to and over 60% and ensuring even temperature distribution.
The speed of reaching the working temperature set, the stability of maintenance and the absence of overshoot guarantee the highest accuracy of the process temperature.

Technical specifications

GEMMA induction  4
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