How to store coffee

You will taste its strong, persistent and intense aroma


You come home loaded with bags. You sit down exhausted and put your elbows on the kitchen table. And you know, get the supplies ready, you’ll make yourself … a nice cup of coffee!

Yes, just one of those that make you sigh happily: you’re finally home, enjoying your favorite drink. You will taste its strong, persistent and intense aroma.

Then the children will run from one room to another furiously, cat and dog will stop in front of their bowls trying, in their own way, to attract your attention. And the phone will ring, ring…

Well, friend, you are about to make a serious mistake: forget the coffee package in a corner.
Disaster of disasters, it will lose its characteristics within two days, if in beans, and within two hours, if ground!

The good landlady knows how to store coffee
Therefore, we distinguish ground coffee from coffee beans. And let’s see how best to keep them. And above all, what not to do.

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