From its origins to the cup.

5 Good reasons to join the project:

  1. Have an identity of roaster.
  2. Dish to your customers a superb coffee time.
  3. Save enormously on the raw materials.
  4. Sell grinded coffee or beans of the coffee to your customers.
  5. Pay off fiscally every equipments.
This is all done by the Roaster “GEMMA”

Gemma is avaible in many colours:


Limited Edition:

Components of Gemma Roaster:

  1. The loading system for green coffee is in rimmed stainless steel and whitout edges. It's directly connected with a manual bayonet opening device.
  2. System of cyclonic effect for the separation and the collection of the coffee skins and it able to eject the smokes of the roasting.
  3. Scoreboard manages through a PLC every action of roasting, besides it's possible to alter durations and temperatures. (10 is the maximum of the different plannings, it can also roast different blends of coffee). The board is too responsably of the pre-cooling process that occurs in the barrel, the final cooling instead happens in the front basket. There is the emergency button that stopped heating elements and active immediately cooling process.
  4. The machine is equipped of a ejection device for the technical faults.
  5. These parts of the roaster are totally in stainless steel AISI: the collecting tank for the roasted coffee with cooling system, the chafing piece and the cell of roasting, also the cage with the visual indicator of roasting and the counterweight for the closing.

Manufacturing process of Gemma Roaster 

  1. Choose the program to be used
  2. Select the parameters of roasting
  3. Start the pre-cooling process
  4. Gemma in the pre-heating process reaches 160°. When it achieves this temperature the scoreboard ring a “Beep” that indicate the start of the roasting time, now you must insert in the loading system coffee the green coffee.
  5. After the insertion of the coffee the temperature of the roaster decreases because raw materials temperature is lower than the temperature of Gemma.
  6. Gemma temperature before became stable at 130°, subsequentlyit increases until the maximum pre-planned temperature.
  7. When finally roaster reaches the maximum pre-planned temperature, it remains costant between 2 and 5 minutes.
  8. At the out of time begin automatically cooling process.
  9. When the roaster temperature is 98° ring another “Beep” that indicate the end of the indoor process, the coffee can be expelled in the collecting tank.

La Storia

Sweet Coffee Italia project was born around 1947, it began at the end of the II World War, when my father migrated to S. Paolo (Brazil) to look for a job.

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